Memorial Creations

A creative and personal way to remember the ones we loved and lost.

When we lose a loved one, the heartache can become overwhelming.  This process allows you to customize every aspect of how you would like to remember them.  Whether you come to my studio and create something together or I design it for you, the finished piece will be something special that you can hold close to your heart.  Memorial pieces can be made into necklaces, earrings, rings, pocket pieces, plates, wind chimes, wall hangings, etc.

This piece includes recycled sterling silver wire and powder and ashes of my best friend “Buster”.  Other items such

as hair or metal filings from jewelry, or just an image may be placed in the piece to memorialize your loved one.

More projects below. Please email for more information and pricing.

Lisa Ann Sparks

Eco-friendly glass art inspired by

animals, nature and the universe.

These above pieces were made with recycled sterling silver wire, Kramer’s ashes and a carbon

decal on the back showing Kramer’s face as a puzzle.  The wire in the fused glass forms

the  block letters: K R A M E R but placed abstractly..  The plate is approximately 3” x 3”. 

The project below is a silhouette of a photo of Byron with his initial formed from recycled sterling

silver wire and his ashes. The necklace is corded with 36” faux suede cord.

These projects below were done for a niece who wanted to share her aunt’s ashes and love

with all the family, for a granddaughter to remember her grandpa and the many trees they

climbed together, and for a daughter to always remember her father is now an angel.