Lisa Ann Sparks

Eco-friendly glass art inspired by

animals, nature and the universe.


These plates are made by screen-printing recycled glass powder onto the surface of the glass and fired.  They are food safe and can be 

used as a spoon rests, for jewelry, candle holders, coasters, soap dishes, a tea bag, etc.  Handmade in the USA.

Custom orders are always welcome.  Samples are available.  Please email order or with questions,                                                                                                                 


3” x 3” plates:

$7.50 chocolate print

$8.00 for different colored print

Minimum: 12 pieces/ 4 images/ 4 glass colors

Display is NOT included

5” x 5” plates:

$11.00 (chocolate print)

$11.50 (different colored print)

Minimum: 4 pieces/ 1 image/ 2 glass colors

Display included

Display is free with 36 piece order

(Click image for more views of the display)

Great for multiple uses; jewelry, coasters, spoon rest, candles, etc.

Click here to see available images and glass colors!Critters.htmlCritters.htmlshapeimage_10_link_0